80 proof (40% ABV) A Gin distilled maintaining the traditional methods of a London Dry Gin. A gin perfect for a G&T – where each botanical has a place and can be noticed. Few but carefully selected, powerful flavours are the ingredients in PiGin. Juniper, Coriander and Citrus is a must for any great gin. In addition Ashanti Pepper, Indian Long Pepper – and a massive dollop of Black Pepper – being the main flavour character of PiGin. The heat (not spice) adds to a fuller mouth-feel with a creamy and long-lasting-lingering finish.

Packaged in 50cl/70cl/75 cl per bottle (6 per case) with a RRSP domestic of £25 (UK), Euro 28, $29 (USA), SEK 395 (alcohol duties). DF and TR RRSP £21 (70cl bottles).

Adjectives frequently used when tasting the product – easy drinking, smooth, the pepper comes back of throat and lingers, perfect complexity

Adjectives frequently used when seeing the product – quirky, elegant, noticeable, humour, handmade, genuine


Rye vodka from Dalarna (Swedish Organic Distillery)


Water from a natural source nearby the distillery

The product matures in the bottle for around 6-8 weeks before it settles with a dominant pepper flavour – which surprisingly is not noticeable imminently after the distillation – but matures during rest. No bottles are sold prior to this ‘resting time’ in our warehouses.


PiGin uses the traditional method of a London Dry – where each botanical is distilled – and nothing is added after distillation more than the water sourced locally from a natural spring.


A smooth and full-mouth feel allowing a pleasant and not too dominant juniper hit. Still delivering as a classic gin – while adding a new dimension with the pepper flavour at the back of mouth, lingering long after the first sip.

We believe we created the perfect G&T with lemon and whole black peppers as garnish – while many has adapted it to be their favourite Martini. The choice is yours.


PiGin launched during Prowein in Dusseldorf March 2016. It is available at the BS assortment with Systembolaget and in review with Finish ALKO. New markets opening are Ireland, Canada, UK, USA and hopefully soon in Spain.

Master Distiller

Ylva Binder has + 25 years in the international ‘booze industry’ and has worked products such as Bombay stable (original/Sapphire) for Bacardi, launched to the TR/DF market globally Hendrick’s Gin, created from scratch Bloom and Berkeley Square Gin for the Quintessentially Group. This is her first very OWN gin for her own company RHUBY AB, all produced and bottled in Sweden from their own production facility.

Press + images will be uploaded under www.pigingin.com or can be requested from ylva@rhuby.se


Price and Delivery:

PiGin is – Packaged Euro Pallets

1 case contains 6 bottles 70cl/75cl

RRSP Euro 28 (USA $29) UK £2